What Is This?

The Politi-Cal Podcast is an audio show about public policy in California.

Each episode is dedicated to a specific issue affecting the Golden State, explained through the lenses of history, data, current events.

Our Principles

Through our reporting & analysis, the Politi-Cal Podcast strives to be...

Covering only those issues that have a substantive effect on the lives of Californians.

Acknowledging every side of an issue and taking no explicit ideological or policy positions, except the belief that Californians should have access to all the information they need to make an informed judgment and that knowledge itself is the best form of advocacy.

Keeping our audience intrigued & engaged throughout each episode, making the best possible use of notable numbers & illustrative anecdotes to convey the information at hand.

Inspiring our audience to do something as a result of hearing the show, even if that "something" is merely sharing their insights with fellow Californians.

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For a more detailed description of the show, listen to our inaugural episode...

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Author Bio

The Politi-Cal Podcast was launched in August 2015 by recent policy grad (and Californian-in-exile) Tony Mastria. Tony grew up in NorCal, studied in SoCal, and now resides in Washington, D.C. ("ZeroCal"?). He looks forward to the day he can produce his show in his home state.

Tony claims no special expertise on public policy in California, except a few college courses and access to lots of free information online. He also understands (as someone with a lisp, a mumble, nasal congestion, and a limited tonal range) that he belongs nowhere near a microphone. That said, he welcomes any & all digs at his credibility and critiques on the quality of the show. (Have at it, Internet!)