Tuesday, August 25, 2015


In the first full episode of the Politi-Cal Podcast, we talk about redistricting in California, how we draw the lines around legislative and congressional districts. We cover its history, its effects, and how recent attempts at reform have changed it for good (and, hopefully, for the better).


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What's the history of redistricting reform in California?

California’s Political Reforms: A Brief History by Erin McGhee (Public Policy Institute of California), April 2015

Redistricting in California: Competitive Elections and the Effects of Proposition 11 by George Passantino (Reason Foundation), October 2008

Did the Voters FIRST Act/Prop 11 actually work?

Test-driving California's Election Reforms by Erin McGhee & Daniel Krimm (Public Policy Institute of California), September 2012

California's Redistricting Shake-Up Shakes Out Politicians by Michael B. Marois with Greg Giroux (Bloomberg News), March 21st 2013

New Report Examines Inaugural California Redistricting Commission by Maggie Bush (League of Women Voters), June 12th 2013

So where did the Voters FIRST Act fall short?

Did the California Citizens Redistricting Commission Really Create More Competitive Districts? by Devin McCarthy (FairVote), November 26th 2013

How Democrats Fooled California’s Redistricting Commission by Olga Pierce & Jeff Larson (ProPublica), December 21st 2011.

What was that Supreme Court case all about?

California’s redistricting success in jeopardy? by Todd S. Purdum (POLITICO), March 1st 2015

Who holds the redistricting power? Supreme Court will decide by Juliana Stiles (Constitution Daily), February 18th 2015

Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission by SCOTUSblog, updated July 31st 2015

California officials praise Supreme Court ruling on independent redistricting commissions by David G. Savage (Los Angeles Times), June 29th 2015

Other Sources:

Proposition 11: Redistricting. Constitutional Amendment and Statute (California Legislative Analyst’s Office), July 17th 2008

The Ideological Mapping of American Legislatures by Boris Shor (University of Chicago) & Nolan McCarty (Princeton University) in the American Political Science Review, August 2011 (vol. 105, No. 3)

Redistricting Commissions: Legislative Plans by the National Conference of State Legislatures, June 27th 2015

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